About the winemaker

After graduating Fresno State with a degree in oenology, Richard went to work at Noble Vineyards, which was shortly thereafter acquired by Quintessa's founder, Augustin Huneeus. Huneeus mentored de los Reyes and exposed him to different winemakers and techniques. After working in various capacities at wineries around California, Richard joined winery consulting firm and wine grape broker Ciatti Co, as senior partner and sole oenologist at the company. During his almost two decades at Ciatti, Richard worked with hundreds of growers, wineries and winemakers annually. This exposed himto countless winemaking approaches, as well as many of California’s top vineyard sites. Richard applies his encyclopedic knowledge of California’s top vineyards to secure the best grapes to support our range of Row Eleven Pinot Noirs.


Richard is now mentoring his grandson, Billy Ament, who caught the wine bug from his grandfather. Richard has arranged multiple winery internships for Billy, to insure he’s exposed to many different winemaking approaches and styles. Billy is now working on his degree in oenology. We look forward to Billy working with Richard to continue to produce Row Eleven Pinot Noirs.

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