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Welcome to Whisper Wines. Family owned, Award Winning Producer of Premium Row Eleven Pinot Noirs, The Riddler Napa Red Blend, and Hand Carved Private Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

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For us, family is everything. Wine is a close second. For over 15 years, along with our partners, we poured our heart, soul and passion into building the Row Eleven and The Riddler wine brands, while raising our four daughters. Then, late in 2019, with the moral support of our daughters and sons in law, we made the leap to make these brands our very own under the auspices of our company, Whisper Wines.
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2020 Row Eleven Vinas 3 Pinot Noir

We continue to focus on blending multiple clones of Pinot Noir from several California coastal AVA's to produce a jammy California style of Pinot Noir.  Each clone from these different vineyards adds unique characteristics to the finished wine.

We cold soak all our grapes for maximum extraction of color and flavor.  Fruit from each vineyard source is fermented separately and barrel aged separately then carefully blended and rested before bottling.
2018 Row Eleven Vinas 3 Pinot Noir

2020 Row Eleven Napa Valley Pinot Noir

When people hear Napa Valley Pinot Noir, the first thought is typically of the Carneros region that runs along the bottom of Sonoma County & the Napa Valley.  The fruit for our Napa Valley expression comes off the top of Atlas Peak, where the 30 degree diurnal temperature change is great for the development of flavor and acid in the grapes.
Photo of Row Eleven Napa Valley 2020 bottle next to foliage

The Riddler Napa Red Blend Lot 10

Like many producers on California's North Coast, our growers have been affected by the fires that have beset the region in what now seems like annual fire events.  We have expanded our fruit sourcing beyond Napa and now work with growers in 3 of the 5 counties that comprise California's North Coast appellation.  This gives us greater capability to continue to produce the profile we've established over the last decade plus.
Those of you that have followed this wine the last 10 plus years, know that we not only blend multiple grape varieties, but we also blend across different vintages to build depth in the finished wine.  Hence, this has always been a lot release number not a vintage dated wine.
The Riddler Napa Red Blend Lot 9

2020 Row Eleven Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir

The Santa Maria Valley is located along California's Central Coast in the northern reaches of Santa Barbara County.  The valley runs east west and acts like a funnel drawing in the cool coastal fog that forms over the Pacific nightly throughout the growing season. The fog settles over the vineyards and provides a cool blanket over the grapes.  The cooling effects of the fog and Pacific slow the grape ripening process and promote flavor and acid development in the grapes.
Photo of a bottle of Row Eleven Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir sitting on stone wall.
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