Origins of a wine company


After 15 years in partnership with winemaker, Richard De Los Reyes, we are now the sole owners and producers of Row Eleven Pinot Noirs, The Riddler Red Blend and, our newest addition, Wm. Hall Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. During our 32 year marriage, we have been importers, producers and retailers of alcoholic beverages, all while raising our four beautiful daughters. Traveling the U.S. together, we have the privilege to sell our wines to accounts from top hotels and casinos to leading restaurants, resorts and country clubs. We are thrilled to have Richard stay on as consulting winemaker as we build the company and expand our portfolio.

We hope you love our wines as much as we do!

Lin and Craig Boggs
Whisper Wines

What We Do.....

Our philosophy is that fresh grapes make better wine. Our grapes are crushed within 30 minutes of harvesting – every time. We source grapes from leading independent growers from the central coast to the north coast of California. Our specialty, pinot noir, is one of the most difficult wines to make as it comes from the most tempestuous grapes. “One minute the wine is beautiful and open and the next moody and closed,” says Richard. “You hold your breath when you release these wines to the world, but when everything is right, they’re in a world of their own.”

Meet the owners
Craig and Lin Boggs, owners of whisper wines.

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